This is where the story begin…..

A tale of love, unity and equality which takes place in the exotic world of Naraseena, a world overflowing with carpets of greenery and tropical ancestral giants. Naraseena is also home to the Yucala clan, a forest loving and preserving tribe led by their head King Rosalban.

The Yucala clan takes high pride and responsibility of guarding and protecting the flora and fauna of Naraseena, mainly the ancient Adansonia tree, which they believe has maintained the balance of life for thousands of years in Naraseena.

However the peace and harmony in Naraseena is disrupted with the arrival of the Tariqa clan led by Queen Sabria, an evil and destructive force who is determined to destroy and conquer all living things in Naraseena and claim the land as her own.  As the Tariqa clan destroys a major part of Naraseena and closes in on the Adansonia tree, they find the vengeful Yucala tribe waiting for them and both clans battle against each other.

In the process, many lives from both the Yucala and Tariqa clans are lost; but the spirit of the Adansonia tree suddenly appears and sends both clans into a deep sleep causing the war to cease momentarily. The spirit of the Adansonia then heals the wounded, brings the dead back to life and finally casts a spell on both King Rosalban and Queen Sabria, causing them to fall in love.

The Adansonia spirit then vanishes and King Rosalban and Queen Sabria are amongst the first to awake. They then, along with their clans, proceed to restore Naraseena to its former glory and  pledge their assurance to treat and protect all things in a harmonious, fair and beautiful state in Naraseena. Both tribes are then united, like their King and Queen, as one. 


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